Chemical name: Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine (PPS-OH) Molecular formula: C8H11NO4S
Molecular weight: 217.3 CAS Number: 3918-73-8
View: Clear colorless to yellowish liquid assay: 45% ± 0.5%
Emphasize: CAS 3918-73-8


Liquid Pyridinium Hydroxy Propyl Sulfobetaine


45% Pyridinium Hydroxy Propyl Sulfobetaine


Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine (PPS-OH)


Product description:

Chemical name: Pyridinium hydroxypropyl sulfobetaine (PPS-OH)

CAS Number .: 3918-73-8
Chemical formula: C8H11NO4S
Molecular weight: 217.3

Assay: 45% ± 0.5%

Appearance: Clear colorless to yellowish liquid


Main Application: High leveling agent for nickel plating, (special suitable for high and medium current density regions).


Molecular formula C8H11HAYIR4S
Molecular weight 217.3
CAS NUMBER. 3918-73-8
View Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Concentration in bathrooms 0.01-0.3 g / L
Consumption 30-40g / KAH
Molecular structure Liquid CAS 3918-73-8 Pyridinium Hydroxy Propyl Sulphobetaine
1. PPSOH is a good nickel plating intermediate with good leveling power as PPS in medium and low current density regions.
2. PPSOH also has an outstanding LCD reflecting power, which should be used with BEO, PME, PESS, MOSS.
saccharin or auxiliary brighteners.
Package and Storage
Package 25kg safety plastic drum
Storage Non-hazardous materials should be stored in a cool and dry place.
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