Product Features

Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide
Packaging Type: IBC Tank
Chemical Formula: NaOH

Usage Areas

Sodium Hydroxide is a white moisture absorbing substance. Easily soluble in water and soft, slippery and gives a soap feel
form a solution. It has an itchy effect on human tissue. It is used in the laboratory to capture acidic gases such as CO².
In the production of many chemicals in the industry, artificial silk, soap, paper, paint, detergent industry and oil refineries
used. When reacted with water, the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius in about 5 minutes and remains warm for about 15 minutes.
Sewage / Treatment: Acid control, bad odor treatment, cleaning pipes, pH balancing)
Paper Industry: As an adhesive, in printing presses made with heat, in newspaper paper)
Chemical Production: Sodium Aluminate, Sodium Cyanide, Silicate, Polycarbonate, Titanium Oxide, Zeolite production)
Textile: In the last product to remove residues, bleaching
Detergent, Soap Sector: STTP, Sodium Hypochlorite, Soap, Oven and Pipe Cleaner)
Pharmaceutical Industry: Sodium Phenolate [aspirin and antiseptic]
Food industry: Edible oil refining, fruit and vegetable peeling, ice cream
Beverage and Milk Industry: Oil cleaning, water treatment, equipment cleaning
Adhesive Industry
Starch, Caustic, Water, Silicate: Together in Label Adhesive Manufacturing
Starch, Caustic, Water, Borax: In Corrugated Board Glue Manufacturing
Oil Exploration and Natural Gas Processing
To remove acid residues in refined products, to remove phenols, to stabilize pH in drilling mud, calcium in drilling and removing bactericides)
MINING: Filter Cleaner (in filter pools) and cleaning of acid unit in mines,
Caustic (Sodium Hydroxide) or Lime (Calcium) to adjust the pH of Sodium Cyanide used Hydroxide).

Item Property Units Test Method Value
1 Purity wt% ASTM D 3875 48.5 min
2 Na2CO3 wt% ASTM D 3875 0.4 max
3 NaCl wt-ppm Spectropotometry
15 max
4 Na2SO4 wt-ppm ASTM D 516/D 4130 15 max
5 Al2O3 wt-ppm Standart Methot 10 max
6 Total Fe (As Fe2O3) wt-ppm ASTM D 2790 6 max
7 SİO2 wt-ppm ASTM D 859 88 5 max
8 Total Ca (As Cao) wt-ppm ASTM D 511 10 max
9 Hg wt-ppm Mercuriy Analysis 0,5 max
10 [email protected](15.60c) ASTM D 3875 1.515 min
11 Apperance Visual Clear
12 Na2CLO3 wt-ppm Vogel Analysis 120 max

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