Quality Services & Products

As Lapointe General Trading, we produce the highest quality products and services.

Innovative Solutions

We produce innovative solutions for companies in which we partner in many sectors.

Affordable Solutions

As Lapointe Genel Ticaret, we have the best price and payment options in our business line.

24/7 Customer Support

Acting on the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, we respond quickly to your questions 7 days 24 hours.


Trust and cooperation
It is our priority

As LAPOINTE General Trading, we produce caustic products under our own brand name. Also; We are trying to add values both to our country and to our region with our products and services and our commercial business partnerships. Our biggest source of motivation in commercial life; is the confidence in our products and services.


General Trading


Products and Services

Food products

As LAPOINTE General Trade, we also operate in Food sector. Our company’s registered trademark in the food sector is Diamente Verde. We produce olive oil, sesame and pasta with Diamente Verde brand and do international trade.

Chemical Products

As LAPOINTE General Trading, we also operate in the chemical sector. In our factory, we produce mainly caustic soda, LAB and SLSE products and offer it to domestic and international markets with Lapointe brand.

Iron and Steel Products

As LAPOINTE General Trading, we also operate in the iron and steel industry. We are engaged in domestic and international trade of HSS iron and steel products, mainly rebar.

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