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In 2004, we started to carry out our commercial activities in the field of import and export, which we started abroad, in 2019 under the brand name of Lapointe General Trading. With our products and services, we contribute both to our partner companies in our sector and to our country’s economy. We produce a wide range of products and services from food sector to chemical sector.

As Lapointe General Trading, we act with the awareness that quality is not a coincidence and with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction. This is the most important issue in our commercial relations and commercial activities.

Although we started our commercial life in the first quarter of 2019, we are the most preferred producer in our region thanks to our commercial relations from the past. We are grateful to all our customers and solution partners for giving us this honor.

As Lapointe General Trading; We are also aware of the importance of research and development. For this reason, we continue our R & D activities to keep the quality of our products and services at the highest level.

We are honored to be a solution partner to our valued customers with our products and services.

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